Essay on Critical Reading And How It Can Help You Grow As A Student?

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Have you ever wondered what critical thinking is and how it can help you grow as a student? Well, critical reading is a more in-depth style of reading. For example, when someone reads critically, they 're analyzing and evaluating the text. People who use critical reading always ask questions about the text so they can get a better understanding about what they 're reading. Critical reading is also a vast part of what we do every day throughout our life. For example, we use critical reading skills in order to understand if an article has reliable information. When we look for reliable information, we are making sure that the author is qualified and knows what he or she is writing about. This is important because I always look for factual information and not information that is incorrect. A great example of this is when I 'm researching to write an academic paper. When I 'm researching I look for resources that are reliable, the best way I do this is by using my critical reading and college reading skills. I analyze the paper to make sure that the author and the publisher are both qualified to be in my paper. In order to be efficient in critical reading, one needs to have the correct mindset. According to Carol Dweck, “the mindset is a belief about a person and their most basic qualities”(Dweck,2010). For example, your intelligence and personality are both part of your mindset. There are two forms of the mindset that you can have, and both of these mindsets can considerably…

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