Critical Exploration Of A Curriculum Development Initiative Essay

1325 Words Mar 6th, 2015 null Page
Assignment providing a critical exploration of a curriculum development initiative. How this has been implemented in the school and how it has impacted my practice?
This assignment is a critical exploration of a new literacy initiative called ‘Big Writing Adventures’ (BWA). In this assignment I will discuss why the school I was on placement at chose to adopt this initiative, how it was implemented in the school and how the change was managed at a whole school level. I also aim to evaluate how it impacted on my future practice within the classroom as a newly qualified teacher, while also critically evaluating the extent to which the curriculum arrangements in place allow for the personalised needs of two of the children in my class to be met.
BWA is a new writing programme that puts purpose and audience at the heart of learning. It combines innovative digital content with a rigorous teaching sequence within contexts that are motivating and meaningful for children (Oxford University Press, 2015). This was implemented across key stage 2 due to OFSTED finding which noted “Achievement in writing is not as good as that in reading and mathematics. Fewer pupils reach the higher standards and make better than expected progress in their subject” (OFSTED 2014). An external influence for the new initiative was a result of the new national curriculum and its demands. BWA provides a full coverage of the new writing curriculum, with grammar, punctuation skills and vocabulary embedded…

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