The Rings Of Saturn Literary Analysis

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Critical Analysis
“Rings of Saturn” is a book written differently then any book I’ve encountered. I was very hesitant to allow myself to enjoy it at the start. The novel seems to have little to no organization which can make keeping up quite a challenge until you understand this is no ordinary novel and you cannot read it as such. Constantly while reading this I found myself putting the piece together and slowly I began to understand that there was method to the madness. Kristina Ten said not only is Sebald’s writing “fragmented and prone to digressions, it also displays a clear forward motion, a fluid continuity that seems to come full-circle as images and concepts repeat throughout the novel” (Ten, 2011). The title of the book is “The Rings of Saturn” which seems to be related to
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Saturn’s Rings are made up of small debris that if you look closely you wouldn’t understand what is going on because of the chaos and disorder but if you look at the big picture, all of the chaos actually forms into

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