Critical Analysis Of Letter Message And My Freshman Students ' By Keith M. Parsons

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Critical Analysis of “Message to My Freshman Students”
Keith M. Parsons, a philosopher, historian and author at University of Houston-Clear Lake is teaching incoming college freshman in their late teens for his first time. He describes the challenges higher education professors are facing from new millennial generations who have unalike priorities about college. Professor Parsons indicates they do not know how to behave because they are accustomed to not working hard. Does Parsons have a specific type of favorite student? Consequently their output is low from habits of “passive” learning. By not taking responsibility for their actions in active learning, documenting and thinking critically courses are just a stumbling block for students. In “Message to My Freshman Students” by Keith M. Parsons, the difference between high-school courses and college courses isn’t just a status symbol; as the students move from being “uninvolved”, to an individual who is “accountable”, and finally a “self-sustaining” member of society, the difference becomes the students “key” in defining the “parameters” of their life. Although favoritism of character is not explicitly mentioned in the first paragraph of “Message to My Freshman Students,” it is obvious that Parsons is using a foil to describe it. In line 5-6, “Still, some students are often absent, and others, even when present, are distracted or disengaged,” others, even when present, demonstrates the comparison of characters. Parsons also…

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