Critical Analysis Of Garrett Hardin's The Tragedy Of The Commons

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Tragedy of the Commons
The definition of a commons is shared property often bordered by private properties. Often farmers share a central piece of land and allow each other to send their herds to graze. The article “The Tragedy of the Commons” written by Garrett Hardin describes a place where land must be shared amongst farmers. In this situation the farmers must either work together or watch the land be destroyed by personal greed and disregard for one another and the land. Each farmer will allow as many cows as possible to graze the commons. Every one of the herdsman wants to maximize their profits and concerns as much as possible. If each farmer goes to the commons with this same goal in mind there will eventually be nothing left of the
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Education can allow society to be much smarter and more informed as a whole. School is an extremely important aspect of children’s lives. Schooling can directly determine a child’s success in life, because with a high school diploma finding jobs can be much easier. The more schooling an individual has the higher the pay grade they usually receive. Shipler believes that education can be the way to change the lives of children who are living in poverty and can change the way things currently are in America. I believe that Garrett Hardin would agree with David Shipler that education can be the answer to these problems. Hardin said in his article “The Tragedy of the Commons” that, “Education can counteract the natural tendency to do the wrong thing, but the inexorable succession of generations requires that the basis for this knowledge be constantly refreshed” (1245). Garrett Hardin is saying that education could be used to fight against the herdsman’s instincts to only worry about themselves and maximize their own profits. With quality education for all we could help the farmers to see that only worrying about your own needs can actually hurt you. Their initial thought will be that I should place as much cattle as I can on the commons to maximize profits, but if they do that the land will run out and there will be nothing left. Once the commons is gone they may have no way to make money. Education could teach them that taking care of the land, finding ways to keep it fertile, and not putting too many cows on the land could save the land and actually make them more money, because they would be able to use it for years to

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