Crispus Attucks Essay

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Justice and Liberty go hand and hand with Crispus Attucks whose death was the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. It was a time of social, political, and economical tensions in the Colonies of America with their oppressor Great Britain. Americans were wanting to escape the tyrannical control that Britain had over them. The British taxed the Americans without giving them any representation in Parliament and all of the taxes went to Britain and not America, the country they were trying to build up themselves. During this time white Americans hated the British and also hated anyone that wasn’t of their race. In the biography, I want to learn more of Crispus Attuck’s life shortly before the event, during the event, and what caused him to lead an attack against the British. Crispus Attucks was 47 years old when he became the first …show more content…
I found one anonymous account of the Boston Massacre. Nothing is mentioned of Crispus Attucks himself just that there was a group of people leading the riot and that “there was much foul language between” the British forces and the group that led to shots being fired. Crispus Attucks was a freeman at the time of his death. He gained his freedom by running away from his master in Framingham, Massachusetts. The reward for his return was 10 pounds and his description in the Boston Gazette on October 2, 1750 was “Ran away from his Master William Brown from Framingham, on the 30th of Sept. last, a Molatto Fellow, about 27 Years of age, named Crispas, 6 Feet two Inches high, short curl’d Hair, his Knees nearer together than common: had on a light colour’d Bearskin Coat.” After his escape, he made it to Nantucket Massachusetts and became a harpooner on a whaling ship and also a laborer for the docks. Working on both ships and docks, Attucks came into contact with British troops often since they also ruled the

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