Crisis Essay

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The term crisis evokes a sense of threat, urgency, and destruction. Crisis suggests an unusual of overwhelmingly negative significance that carries a high level of risk, harm and opportunity for further loss. For organizations, crisis often conveys a fundamental threat to system stability and threats to high priority goals including image, legitimacy and profitability.

TYPES OF CRISES * Natural disasters
Natural disasters are generally assumed to be beyond the control and responsibility of most organizations. It is including floods, earthquake, mud slides hurricanes and tornadoes.
Example: The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

* Crises in public perception It ranges from news stories depicting the
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Example: 9/11 terrorist attack in United States.

* Economic crises
Sudden market shifts are a common crisis in the current competitive business environment. This type of crisis concerns an organization’s ability to understand and identify dynamic customer demands.
Example: Bankruptcy of Chrysler and General Motors in the second quarter of 2009.

* Industrial crises
Industrial disasters are including plant explosions, fires, collapses of facilities and mines and releases of toxic substances.

* Oil and Chemical Spills
Most often occur during transportation of the product. They are typically related to shipping, trucking, and pipelines.
Example: BP Gulf Oil Crisis that coated the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010.

* Transportation disasters
Transportation disasters are related to spills and may involve airlines, trains, automobiles, ships and trucks.
Example: Singapore Airlines Flight 006 disastrous flight in the year 2000 from Singapore Changi Airport to Los Angeles International Airport.


It is important to prepare for a crisis before it happens. It would help and organizations to manage a crisis more effectively enhance the crisis response and handle crisis communications more efficiently and respond to media for best results.

* Anticipate Crises/Identify Potential Crises
The Crisis Communication Team are responsible to anticipate crises through brainstorming sessions on all the potential

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