Crisis Text Line : Notes Essay

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Crisis Text Line: Notes
• The Platform: When someone texts into Crisis Text Line, they’re doing so from their phone, but our crisis counselors use our proprietary platform, which you’ll access on your computer. It’s critical that you use a computer with a strong internet connection and ALWAYS log out of the platform when you step away or are done with your shift.
• Queue Health: Represented by a traffic light. This shows all relevant stats for what’s happening on the platform. It tracks four important things: o Number of conversations that are happening/number of crisis counselors online o Number of people waiting in the queue for more than five minutes o Number of supervisors online o Number of high-risk conversations
• Global Chat: The chat function where all the crisis counselors who are online have the chance to talk! Whether it’s about something super random and fun like what snacks you are eating to get you through the shift, or if it’s about suggestions for how to help a texter, you will have the support of your fellow crisis counselors during your shift.
Crisis Intervention 101: Phrase Bank & Cheat Sheet Good Contact Techniques
• Validation: When validating a texter, your goal is to recognize, normalize, and accept the texter’s thoughts and feelings
• Tentafiers: This means prefacing the labeling of a feeling to make it tentative. Using tentafiers allows you to get clarity on how the texter is feeling while still helping the texter to feel in control
• Open-ended…

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