Essay about Crisis Definition Of A Crisis

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Crisis Definition According to Kanel (2015), crisis is defined as “an obstacle that is, for a time, insurmountable by the use of customary methods of problem solving. A period of disorganization ensues, period of upset, during which many abortive attempts at a solution are made” (p. 2). A crisis is commonly known as a situation in which an individual does not know how to respond to the situation effectively, which leaves the person in a state of an emotional and psychological imbalance. As Kanel states there are four parts of a crisis. The first part is when a precipitating event occurs, then the person has a perception of the event as destructive. The perception then leads to emotional distress and impairs the individual’s functioning due to the lack of the person’s usual coping skills that have prevented a crisis from occurring before. However, a crisis can mean both danger and opportunity. A crisis can be a normal development that occurs throughout the natural life of an individual, however, the outcome depends on how the individual copes with the situation. This can be beneficial to the individual or perilous. A person could potentially use defense mechanisms such as repression, denial, or dissociation, which can cause the person to perform at a lower level than he/she did before the event occurred. In conclusion, crisis situations can be defined differently by each individual’s situation, every situation will be different, but will still be a crisis for…

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