Criminology: A Career As A Career In Law School

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Criminology has always been a passion of mine. I grew up watching a lot of investigation shows and that’s what sparked my interest. Growing up my parents always told me that I would be a good lawyer because I would argue my point right or wrong. I always wanted to help people and seeing that their was a need for affordable lawyers pushed me even more. I came to University of West Georgia undecided. I didn’t know what major to declare because so many things sparked my interest one day it was psychology the next day business. I was finally put into an Intro to Criminal Justice class courtesy of my advisor. From my first day in the class I realized that Criminology was the major for me learning about the pros and cons of the criminal justice system …show more content…
I currently feel like I’m properly prepared having taken classes like American Criminal Courts, Criminal Procedure, Law and Society, and Criminal Investigations. These classes are just a few that will help prepare me for law school they each go in depth about certain parts in the justice system and how corrupt the system can actually be. Criminal Investigations taught me about fingerprints, line ups, and collecting evidence. American Criminal Courts taught me about court proceedings not only for adults, but juveniles as well. My future work as a lawyer is all about criminal justice. I will need to know every aspect of the law even though I haven’t decided exactly what type of law I will practice. I’m leaning towards being a divorce attorney, but with such a large need for civil lawyers I’m also considering that as well. Knowledge of things like trial proceedings, charges, and juries are all a part of the criminal justice system which I will definitely need to know as an …show more content…
There are so many different positions when discussing the death penalty and it’s such a huge topic all over the U.S. I also want to do research on race and crime as well. They both play a huge part in the criminal justice system especially when trying to discover why a certain race commits a certain crime more than another. My final idea for original research would be about police deviance. Police corruptions is becoming more prevalent in the criminal justice system but trying to figure out why is an issue. Why do officers who are meant to protect and serve go against everything they stand for with no consequences?
I am interested in attending Georgia States Law program. The law program offers practice based curriculum and hands on experience in the justice system. They have so many great professors that I’m interested in studying with but specifically professor Russell Covey and Lauren Lucas. Professor Covey studied at Yale Law School he focuses his research on criminal law and procedure which is also something I’m interested in studying as well. He has also worked pro bono with clients in criminal appeals. One of the main reasons I want to become a lawyer is to help people who can’t afford legal

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