Criminals And Being Incarcerated : A Society Essay

1632 Words Jul 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
When it comes to criminals and being incarcerated, we as a society tend to forget about prisoners once imprisoned. It is more common that once a person is labeled a prisoner, we as a society treats them as if they do not deserve help. In debate, I wholeheartedly disagree with what society believes about prisoners. Society holds the belief that criminals are the underbelly of civilization. This is proven by the amount of rights that are stripped away from you as a result of being incarcerated. Imagine being at your lowest point, with no way out and nowhere to turn. In an attempt to keep whatever lively hood you could, you have no other choice than to turn to crime to make that money, maybe you needed groceries, or needed to pay a bill, would you do it if you had no other options? The reality is that most will do whatever it takes, We as a society tend to forget that criminals are normal people. We forget that these “criminals” are our brothers and sisters that are trapped in a vicious cycle and need our help.
I found through my research, politicians and the citizens they serve, are beginning to believe that prisoners do deserve help. By focusing on rehabilitation while in prison; we would be supplementing thoughtful help provide a personalistic outcome in a dehumanizing environment. In the same respect, as a society, we would also lower the rate of recidivism and crime at the same time. To keep from having tunnel vision on the subject, equally as important is the…

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