Essay about Criminalization Of Immigration Throughout The United States

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Criminalization of immigration has many definitions, especially when there are different types of categories. According o the power point the author states “Criminalization of Immigration refers to policies which make it a crime subject to deportation for undocumented entrants who have been deported to re-enter and for undocumented entrants or permanent resident aliens to remain in the United States after deportation” (Healey, 2013).One category under criminalization of immigration is basically the restrictions to reduce immigration (deported individuals) or in some cases discriminate against individuals who do not have legal documentation to reside in this country. In the Power Point “Criminalization of Immigration” it describes how during the 1960’s there was no restrictions in work (verify the legality of the right to work in the U.S), and how the amnesty programs helped a lot of people to obtain legal papers in the U.S. But, the power point also describes that during the 1990’s criminals convicted of different crimes must be deported to their birth country “1988 Omnibus Anti-Drug Act, Permanent resident aliens convicted of homicide, rape, drug trafficking, arms trafficking (AGGRAVATED FELONIES) must be immediately deported (removal) after sentencing”(). After this act the government stated to place acts with a lot of restrictions for individuals with violent crimes, illegal entry to the U.S, property crimes, misdemeanors etc. According to the Power Point it states “2002…

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