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This speech was written by Abhay Gupta, one of the most respected criminal lawyers in the nation, at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Gupta. He was disturbed by the notion that many criminals did not properly repent for their wrongdoings; instead of receiving a death sentence, they spent their lives in prison living an easy life. After spending time with many mass murderers and drug lords, he concluded that the world would be a better place without such individuals. He gave this speech to promote the idea that criminals who deserve death should receive it. His speech at a criminal justice convention targeted high-profile politicians, judges, ranking military officials, and legislative members to raise awareness about capital punishment.
Good afternoon respected guests, When I first became a lawyer, my first case was to defend an innocent man from conviction. After getting to know him a bit better, I felt that it was my obligation to prove his innocence because he deserved his freedom. Having spent a majority of my life trying to protect criminals from unfair justice, I’ve gained a place at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. I’ve spent countless hours with criminals, understanding that each criminal is unique in his or her own way. Spending time with them has taught me a
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It also a more efficient process than a life-sentence, and prevents additional crime from happening, as well as constituting a completely humane procedure. For criminals who deserve it, capital punishment is an effective form of justice compared to a life-sentence in jail. As Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Criminals should face the consequences of their actions at the right time; they should not be able to spend their entire lives in a cell, pretending to repent for their

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