Criminal Justice And Law Enforcement Essay

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Criminal justice is a connection of different aspects and processes of law enforcement that examine the social response to the policies put in place to combat crime and minimize criminal activities by punishing lawbreakers by existing sections of the law. The criminal justice field is made up of three major aspects; the police who enforce law and order, the prosecution department that is a combination of police and courts and the court system where sentences are given and executed in correctional facilities (Prenzler, 2009). The police department forms the most fundamental initial stage in the criminal justice system as it involves law enforcement and recording or wrong doings in preparation for prosecution. In the trial the police, being the law defenders, take criminals to court for the judges to analyze circumstances surrounding the case and pass judgment. If an individual is found guilty of the criminal activities charged with, he or she is then taken to a correctional facility to serve a term in the hope that they will rectify the unlawful behavior.
The criminal judicial system has a stipulated set of ethical procedures that guide them giving rise to ethical issues in the process. These ethical problems and methods mainly affect the three top aspects of the law enforcement process that is the police, courts, and the correctional facilities. Every member of the police department, the court systems, and the correctional facilities is expected to behave in a specified…

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