Flaws In The Criminal Justice System

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Today, our criminal justice system is slightly different from what it was in the past, but it still contains all the basic procedures and components in which it was founded upon. Most of the system 's procedures are still the same while some may be altered due to current problems going on around the entire country. The criminal justice system today is composed of three main components called the police, courts, and corrections with each having their own objectives in contributing to the system. First, the police enforces the laws and usually arrest offenders during the scene of a crime or they can be apprehended later when the police gets an arrest warrant issued by the judge to allow apprehension by the police. The police shall arrest someone, …show more content…
Police brutality is becoming a huge problem brought to the attention of many citizens since many police officers are abusing their authority and not correctly doing their procedures to apprehend criminals. Many people feel that the way the police are exploiting their authority is a sign of corruption within our criminal justice system since they feel that police officers may get away with it if they do. Some police procedures are becoming much more questionable, such as self-defense procedures by officers as many people believe that officers are using self-defense as an excuse to shoot someone, which is difficult to determine. For example, in the Michael Brown incident, Officer Wilson killed Michael Brown as he “feared for his life” while witnesses claim that Brown was surrendering, which then led many communities to riot/protest and claiming that it was police brutality. Also, another flaw in our system is the civil rights debate in regards to the court system since some people view the court system as being biased and not fairly conducting proper procedures. For instance, several communities stated that the court system is biased against blacks and are usually in favor of police officers, regardless if that police officer has committed a crime or not. The criminal justice system also allows procedures that violates some of our civil liberties and limiting our freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. As a result of these flaws in our current criminal justice system, many people are beginning to lose trust in our system and instead, are going against it and demanding better justice. This will downgrade our criminal justice system and cause it to rot if people keep on losing faith in the justice system, which will result in no winner. However, the system needs the trust

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