Crime Theories Essay

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Various Theories of Crime Causation vickie murphy
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Within this paper we will discuss the merits of the idea that genetics are a source for criminal behavior. As well as some of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence surrounding genetics and crime and In closure what would be some of the repercussions in the criminal justice field if the existence of the criminal gene is proven to be true.

Theories of Crime Causation

To begin to understand the idea of genetics and to line those up to criminal behavior would be to look much deeper into a person’s genetic nature. There are so any leading factors that it would be hard to pin point one exact gene to say that is the criminal gene. Although
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To put in bluntly would be to say that as it is a learned behavior, these criminals are able to master and get better at the crimes they commit.
Some of the strengths as well as some of the weaknesses in the genetics realm is that science has grown in a wide factor in which has given much bases and statistics in the areas of aggression behavior, violent behavior impulsive behavior anti-social traits and so much more dysfunctional traits. That when we speak of criminality responsibility. Police department should in fact, to a certain degree consider the offenders background as per environmental versus genetically. Reasoning as to why is to understand if the offender understood the severity of the act committed. And considering the outcome to the findings determines the punishment handed down.

Some of the angers to the theory of a criminal gene are that of offenders committing acts of crime and blaming it on a genetic defect. People have committee crime under the influence of a controlled substance, therefore placing blame upon that substance stating it made them do it. But in response to that claim the courts have decided to find it unwise to give that accusation lead way into committing acts of crime.

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