Essay on Crime : Crime And Crime

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Crime in Society
Crime has a big impact and can affect peoples daily lives. People see crime happen all of the time. When people turn on the news, there is usually a crime segment advertising all of the crime that is happening in the world or just in the area it is broadcasting from. There are many different types of crimes, such as street crime and white collar crime. One of the more common crimes in the United States is street crime. Street crime is usually associated with poverty, gangs, and violence and is committed in public (Conley, 213). The Black Lives Matter movement in today 's society has led to more violence and hate within the country. Members of the movement claim to riot because of police brutality and inequality. The Black Lives Matter movement evolved from hate, discrimination, racism, and culture; however, there is evidence that African American crime is more common within their own race as proved by crime cases and statistics.
Street crime is a common crime and people often try to understand why people would commit a crime. Some theories suggest that people commit crimes because of the rise and fall of opportunity in the economy (Conley, 213) Street crime could also be committed because of hate towards a specific group of people. Hate crimes have become common in the United States, and it goes all the way back the immigration. People would vandalize worship places, and cause domestic violence to the targeted group (Harbani Abuja, 2016).
People who are…

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