Crime And Juveniles And Adolescents Essay

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Crime and Juveniles/Adolescents in the United States Crime, this is a dangerous word heard in our everyday lives. Crime has prevailed in our day to day society that it has even become a significant part of the smooth running of society. Crime ranges from theft to murder. Criminal offenders range from different ages, from a child down to an old person. Children are sometimes known tend criminal offenders and have been sentenced sometimes to juvenile delinquency reformatories or adult prisons with adult sentencing. Juveniles that face trial and sentencing in adult court has been a concern for some researchers and is going to be addressed in this research. This system is mostly prevalent in the United States of America and it varies in its application across the Sates. “Depending on the state, the minimum age at which this type of sentencing can be imposed differs greatly. For example, juveniles age 14 or older in Massachusetts may only be given blended sentences for certain felonies involving interpersonal violence; for the same crimes, juveniles in Alaska must be age 16 or older” (Garland et. al 2012: 137). For the most part what all the States all have in common is the fact that they all participate in sentencing juveniles like adults. This research would also look at the factors that affect juveniles in committing crime such the environment, race peer groups, family, mentors, role models or even psychological reasons and how they affect it. These actors have an effect on…

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