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Creature Care Animal Clinic
Dr. Julia Barr has a veterinary clinic in which she is running six days a week. This is a passion of hers to do what she enjoys doing by taking care of animals. Dr. Barr has hired another doctor to help with her growing business. Dr. Barr and Dr. Yen works throughout the week but alternates shifts on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s because Wednesday’s are their late nights and Saturday’s they stay open half a day. Dr. Barr has hired three nurses, a hiring manager and an office assistant. Dr. Barr business is in disarray due to not forecasting, not organization efficiently, nor managing inventory well. If the structure of the firm is not changed soon in my opinion it will fail very soon. Dr. Barr’s operation
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The clinic is having inventory problems because it has no structure, it has no checks and balances, if your companies routine is order when you feel it’s a need then two things are happening first your losing money from the expired medications and maybe buying products at the drug store at a higher price then what you could of ordered from your supplier. Secondly, there is no record of what you ordered or much you still have, at least have a spreadsheet of how much was used, when it expires and set a reasonable level of inventory and have it monitored for shortages. 4. What should Dr. Barr have done differently to avoid some of the problems she is currently experiencing?
She should have reengineered the design of the clinic, made a business plan before just making hours. Never had a plan, not short term or long term, make a plan based off of researching the competition. 5. What suggestions would you make to Dr. Barr now?
First off Dr. Barr needs to reevaluate the schedule. She needs to change the scheduled based on the actual traffic coming into the place. Make Wednesday a regular business day and extend the hours of Friday. Instead of rotating shifts they need to both work Friday’s and Saturday’s. The manager needs to handle all paperwork. The office assistant handles the menial jobs. A spreadsheet needs to be monitored by the manager to know what is out of stock and what’s in

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