Essay on Creativity And The Cognitive Development Of Children

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Imaginative and creative play are often undervalued but the positive impact they have on the cognitive development of children has been well documented.
The relationship between imagination and creativity in play has been studied in depth, probably most notably by Lev Vygotsky. In 1990, he theorised that the imagination serves as the crucial aspect of all human creative activity and that imagination is a function that is essential to life. He denotes that this creative behaviour “makes the human being a creature-oriented toward the future, creating the future and thus altering his own present”(Vygotsky, 1990).
Imagination and creativity in play have been linked in many studies over time, for example in 1999 Russ et al. set out to investigate the effects that the capacity for imaginative play has on creativity and divergent thinking. They discovered that the type of play that children are involved in at an early age is relative to performance in abilities involving divergent thinking (Russ, Robins and Christiano, 1999). Although the direct relationship between imaginative and creative play was not necessarily proven in this particular study, there are others who have sought to prove a link. There are eight correlational studies that all deliver inconsistent results, some results proving that the link may be more prominent in children with higher IQ’s (Johnson, 1976; Wyver & Spence, 1999).
There are many cognitive development theories surrounding play in childhood and in…

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