Creative Writing: Kamehameha The Great

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Today is the day that I Kamehameha the Great, set out with nine-hundred-sixty war canoes and ten-thousand soldiers for Oahu. It has been an enduring voyage conquering island after island here in Hawaii. “Ka’iana prepare the landing party,” I ordered the high ranking ali’i. “Yes! Your Majesty,” Ka’iana replied.
For some reason this particular battle seemed to cause this wildness in all of my men. It’s like my men entertain the thought of bloodshed and are eager to turn their thoughts into reality. “Your Majesty we are one mile away from shore,” Ka’iana said.
“Good,” I responded. “Gather all the men on the canoe for a word of encouragement,” I ordered Ka’iana. “Yes! Your Majesty,” he responded.
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As soon as Kekoa told me it was clear; I got this strange feeling inside of my stomach that was telling me that it’s not clear and that something was definitely wrong.
“Lupo!” I shouted.
“Yes,” the young solider answered.
“Go and scout the area one more time,” I ordered him.
“Yes! Your Majesty,” he replied running up the beach with his spear and alii Hawaiian war club.
As Lupo was running up the beach I noticed that there was a spear flying towards him with the same red and yellow lava lava wrapped around it.
“Lupo spear!” I shouted, but it was too late the spear had struck him.
“No!” Ka’iana shouted running towards Lupo’s body.
“Ka’iana stop!” I shouted tackling him.
“No! They killed my brother,” Ka’iana said with tears coming down his face.
“Kekoa come and get Ka’iana!” I
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My heart was broken because we lost a brave young soldier who was like a son to me and I could feel my eyes, I stood up I dusted the sand off my face grabbed my spear and ordered my men to get into battle formation. We marched up to the top of the beach only to find the warriors of Oahu waiting for us on the other side of the beach with a man who was wearing a red and yellow. From that moment on this battle was personal, because the man who was wearing the red and yellow materiel was the chief of the island and my cousin Kalanikūpule. I cleared my throat, took a deep breath in, and told Kalanikūpule this; “Today your fate lays in my hands. For the Gods have sent me here to kill you and unite all the Hawaiian Islands. You have dishonored are family name, you are a disgrace to our culture and therefor; I am no longer going to spare the lives of your family and your people. I am going to make sure everyone on this island that has the same blood as you running through their veins

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