How Did Indians Affect The Life Of The Native Americans

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Native American Indians did not have a concept of land as a commodity or a possession like the European, Colonist, or Americans. The Native American Indians signed many treaties giving land in order to maintain the balance between a conquering force and providing for their own people. The relationship between the European settlers brought many things to trade with the Indians such as axes, guns, knives, alcohol but the most devastating item that the Indians received were the germs that their bodies were not able to fight off. These germs claimed the lives of many Native American Indians.
Europeans have been coming to this country as early as 1585 bringing death and devastation to the American Indians. Thomas Harriot an English explorer was noted to have written a passage about arriving on the beaches of what is now North Carolina and having witnessed the deaths of 20 to 120 Native Indians. The Indians were unable to fight off diseases that many of the explorers brought with them such as smallpox, influenza, measles, and even chicken pox. These deaths were not an intentional act against and have been estimated to have claimed the lives of 90% of the Native American Indians. English explorers such as Thomas Harriot opened the door for many other ventures such as trade with
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This relationship was unstable and the consistent request for food by the English colonist fell on Chief Powhatan. Chief Powhatan grew tired of providing substance and ordered his tribe to discontinue assisting the English. This caused conflicts over the next ten years or so costing the colonist up to 400 lives leaving the colonist with the decision that coexistence is not possible and they must exterminate the Native Indians. This continued for many years; 1677 the Treaty of Middle Plantation was established forcing the Natives onto a

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