Creative Writing: Fledge

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There once was a little brown rabbit and his name was Fledge. If you ever saw Fledge hopping in the woods or hanging out in your garden, you would say he was the cutest thing, especially with those ears. Yep, Fledge was special and so was his ears. Compared to other bunnies, his ears were a smidgen bigger than extra-large.
Fledge was like many young rabbits. He enjoyed exploring the forest and sitting on rocks listening. With those specially sized ears, he could hear extra well. Fledge was even able to hear the sound of grass growing, the footsteps of a bird and the flapping of a bee's wings.
Fledge did enjoy listening but did not enjoy his ears. Almost every day, he would think “I would be a much better rabbit if my ears were not so big”.
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“Everyone means a lot and that means that a lot of animals said mean things to you. Are you sure everyone said those things to you?” the voice asked.

With his head hanging down, Fledge softly answered: “My mama and papa rabbit don't say mean things.”
“It must be all the other mean forest animals that tease you.” the voice said harshly. “No wonder you are so sad and afraid.”

“Only one animal does” answered Fledge.

The voice questioned, “Does this animal not know that you always try to do what your parents ask? Does this animal not know that you try to be kind and loves listening to the wonderful sounds around him. Who would say such things that would make you be more sad than glad or feeling bad.”

With a slight tear in his eye, “Me!” cried Fledge and he hopped into a nearby bush.
“You cannot hide from me.” the voice said.

“I know! With big, big ears like mine, I bet they stick up out above the branches.”

“For a rabbit with such good sized ears, you are still not listening well. You are wrong about those ears, yourself and what the other animals may be thinking. Your ears are indeed special but so are
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The thoughts you listened to in the past were not completely true to the heart and they made you sad not glad and feeling bad. Now you know a better way to listen and it is not always with your ears.” A smile popped up on the rabbit's as he hopped home.
Overtime, Fledge began listening to the inner voice of his heart. He found out that by listening to his heart more, he could enjoy listening more to the flapping of a bee's wings or the sound of grass growing.
He like listening so much, it made him want to be around and listen to the other rabbits and animals. By being around others, he found out that all these animals have their own special heart voices? They were also special outside and inside. By being around each other, the other animals could learn from his voice and he could learn from theirs.
Yet, there were days in which Fledge forgot to listen to his heart voice and nice not thoughts popped into his head. When this happened, he began to be more sad than glad or feeling bad. But then his heart reminded him to listen carefully to the voice inside or the voice of others to help him feel

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