Essay about Creative Thinking, By Cathy Davidson

1449 Words Sep 25th, 2016 6 Pages
The rapidly changing technology and its future steps ask for human attention and concentration, flexible thinking, and quick adaptation. Creative thinking is a suitable tactic in trying to solve such issues. Our world needs the help of creative approaches to solve different affairs. For instance, Cathy Davidson, the author of "Project Classroom Makeover", provides a significant example on the role of creative thinking and its transformation due to changes in the digital era, as well as the process of forming of the self- confidence during the initial stages of education with the development of imagination and teamwork. In this work, Davidson insists on reconsidering the very concept of education because of the development of digital age, multitasking society, the influence of the Internet. Also, she discusses about the development of such qualities as initiative, mobility, flexibility, necessary for self-development, readiness for unconventional and creative solutions. In this regard, the objective necessity becomes the application of modern educational technologies to not only transmit knowledge but also to shape students ' ability to acquire knowledge independently using creative skills in today 's digital age. Therefore, creative thinking through the introduction of the interactive learning technologies in the educational process can be a good start in trying to improve the effectiveness of such trainings. Despite some existing controversies, like digital divide, the…

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