Jurassic Park And Strangers On A Train Analysis

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Creation to Death: A Path of Ethical Decisions
The screenplays of Jurassic Park and Strangers on a Train tell the elaborate stories of an usual and abstract reality that many would consider normal. They have many aspects that connect them together, such as ethical and moral obligations, yet also make them diverse and independent of each other, such as their motives and timing behind certain events. Each screenplay is unique in that it is entirely created around an environment developed for itself and to build its own reality for the readers. Both screenplays Jurassic Park and Strangers on a Train portray the detrimental impact from the actions of a man trying to control nature and others lives, such as acting as a god in the act of creation
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The voice of reason begins right away during Guy and Bruno’s first meeting, when Guy tries to convince Bruno that the idea of committing murder is wrong. He says right away, “I may be old fashioned, but I thought murder was against the law” and continues on with “You can’t just go around killing people because you think they’re useless” (Chandler and Ormonde, 11). Guy is subtly trying to get Bruno to rationalize what he is thinking because it is such an outrageous claim and immoral action. There are mainly other voices of reason that try to speak up within Jurassic Park, such as Dr. Malcom, Ellie and the Lawyer. Dr. Malcom and Ellie are both concerned more for the dinosaurs and the wellbeing of the newly recreated ecosystem that’s been developed. The lawyer is obviously concerned with the safety of the civilians visiting the park not for their protection, but so that investors can make the most profit possible off the park. All of them get completely ignored by Hammond because from his perspective his creation is flawless and does not require any changes since he has spent no expense to be the …show more content…
Bruno’s timing was always based around deception and the ability to frame Guy for a crime he did not commit. He also uses the timing to influence Guy’s life by showing up to the parties and meeting his family to create the perception of always being there watching Guy’s movements, while also creating the persona that he is a good person. Within Jurassic Park we see that the timing is more geared to the completion of the park to obtain profits sooner and so that no one has releases the discovery. The timing throughout the screenplay also creates tension and allows for the foreshadowing of future events to come, such as the dinosaurs eventually getting free and the power outage causing so many problem because the reliability of electricity. Without the key timing of events the stories could not have held the same emotion and the ability to draw the reader’s attention to the important changes during the

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