Creating Stronger Learning Infrastructure For Youth Essay

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Breaking down large academies to smaller educational communities is a reform strategy to create stronger learning infrastructure for youth. In turn, these smaller educational communities provide more attention and personalization to better prepare youth for the real world. Internal changes of educational structure work in collaboration with teachers, advisors, and community advocates. Personalization programs that connect youth with adults are becoming more and more common. Mentoring programs are a great form of inclusion strategy. MODEL provides intervention for at-risk youth older than those in traditional mentoring programs, holding an unrecognized potential in a unique system that collaborates with both, the community and schools.

Weaknesses and Limitations

No matter how well prepared, every program has its drawbacks, or disadvantages. Different people may require different environments in order to feel adequate enough to be comfortable so they do not feel any pressure to use any of the resources and tools that MODEL may provide. Basically, this may be a result of too much or too little structure within the program. Hopefully the faculty-mentor meetings can communicate well to create flexibility and balance within the program so that no one feels stuck in a regular regimen. Having the proper transitions into and out of the mentor-mentee relationships is a very crucial aspect of a mentorship program. Not having a direct and coherent…

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