Dual Status Youth Essay

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2. Community-based alternatives. Community-based programs offer a more productive outcome than we youth are criminalized especially for petty crimes. When youth expriences being formally processed or held in custody it begins a cycle of disruption that it causes, not only affects them but disturbs the bonds between that youth, their family, and their community.
3. Dual-status youth. Dual status youth are youth who bounces between child welfare and juvenile justice systems and at times are experiences both concurrently. These youth tend to be minorities, girls and have a history of abuse and neglect. Though these youth are handled and monitored by two government agencies they tend to fall through the cracks quite often. Due to the abesence of proper interventions, they are at greater risk of mental health, educational issues, occupational challenges and public health and
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Research and experience indicate that an integrated, multi-system approach can effectively yield better outcomes for youth and families, enhance system performance, and produce significant cost savings within communities.1 Remodeling the juvenile justice and child welfare systems to eliminate the mazes by closing entrances and creating clear pathways out of the system so that the youth who enter have the opportunity to exit and move on to thrive and contribute as active members of their communities. To do that will require modifying how our juvenile justice and child welfare systems operate both individually and together, so they provide better support for youth and their families in how they engage in and benefit from their system

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