Essay about Creating A Career Plan For The Colorado State University

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Creating a Career Plan

Career Center available for all the Colorado State University (CSU) students is an invaluable resource that will help me to find, land and keep a job when I will start looking for job opportunities in the information technology industry. Since I will be switching industries and I haven 't been looking for a job for the last seven years, it will serve as a great tool to help me with all the aspects of finding my new job.
Resources Available in the Career Center
Career Center is a part of the CSU 's student portal and includes resources that can help a student with finding a job, getting a job and keeping a job. This web site is divided into these exact three categories.
Finding a Job
Finding a Job section of this web site describes all the necessary steps to be successful at looking for a job. It begins by stating the value of the education and giving valuable hints on how to handle the stress. It helps the students to evaluate their current personality and career and indicates effective job search strategies. It also helps the students to understand how to execute the job search, how to write an effective resume and how to write a cover letter.
Value of education. Getting education at CSU improves students ' critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, greatly increasing their chances of getting hired. It also increases their earning potential. “Having a bachelor’s degree can double your salary compared to a high school diploma only…

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