Cox Communication (Oligopolistic Report) Essay

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Cox Communications (Oligopoly)
Jasmine N. Taylor
Bryant &. Stratton College
ECON 325: Microeconomics
Mr. Donald Waters
November 17, 2009

ABSTRACT The essence of an oligopolistic market is that there are only a few sellers. The actions of any one seller in the market can have a huge impact on the profits of all the other sellers. Oligopoly firms are self independent in such a way that competitive firms are not. Each firm in an oligopoly should consider how its decision might affect the production decisions of all the other firms. (Mankiw, 2009, 2007) This essay will discuss an oligopoly on Cox Communications. Cox communications is a full service provider of telecommunications products, Cox offers an array of services,
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Cox contributions exceed $100 million, with a community outreach focus on youth and education. (Davis, 2008)
Cox Communications Commitment to Education For Cox, education is more than just a commitment- it’s a way of life for our employees and our business. Today, Cox provides complimentary cable television service and high speed Internet access to schools and libraries in our service areas, investing more than $100 million through in kind resources to improve education since 1989. (Davis, 2008) Extending our commitment to education through industry programs like Cable in the Classroom and Model Technology Schools, Cox is bringing high-end education technology to schools, exposing parents, students and teachers to a world of new learning opportunities. In 2003, Cox also became the technology partner for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, providing video and Internet technology at no cost to their centers in Cox markets. Cox continuously seeks out national and community partnerships that can be extended within each service area, in addition to encouraging service areas to create local education programs that fit the needs of specific communities.

Methodology (S.W.O.T) A major strength that Cox communications have in Atlanta, Georgia is that the company is a privately held majority owner of Cox Communications, Inc. Announced in May 8, 1996 the company filed a form S-3

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