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3). E-filing gives the ability to legal counsel to submit their documents electronically which will cut down on costs and decrease the time to file. Also allowing electronic filing will enable courts in different jurisdictions easy access to documents (Brunson, 2012). An electronic court management system will allow judges to track information of complex court cases decreasing the chance of errors based on missed information. Also a court could take advantage of electronic notifications when dealing with citizens and counsel in alerting them of scheduled proceedings and the obtainment of new information. The potential problem of using electronic court systems is security. As new software emerges, it includes errors in the set up and security. There is a possibility that information of the courts that is available in electronic form can be obtained by individuals outside the court system. Thorough testing is the best solution for providing stable software with strong security. Also the court will need access to technical staff, to support the new systems (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009). Another future trend in the court system is the impact of victim rights laws. The Victims’ Rights Act of 2004 expanded the involvement of victims throughout criminal proceedings. These expansions included the right of a victim to make a statement during the defendant’s trial, reasonable notice of any public proceedings relating to the crime, and to be present
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