Courage As A Skill Of The Business World Is Not Something That Happens Over Night

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Courage as a skill in the business world, is not something that happens over night. Leaders teach themselves over time to make risky decisions. They are great business leaders who progress over the years, but mostly decades and their courageous acts are considered to be calculated risk taking. The author Kathleen Reardon likes to define being able to have clear understanding of an intelligent gamble as courage calculation. She states the meaning as “a method of making success more likely while avoiding rash, unproductive, or irrational behavior” (Reardon, 2007, p.60). The process of courage calculation is broken down into six components and these processes can help an individual professionally develop as well as be used in career planning.
The first component of the calculation process is setting a goal. This goal is made up of a primary and secondary goal. The individual needs to determine what success looks like to them in a high-risk situation. Some key questions to ask one’s self for example, is the goal set actually obtainable? If personal, does the primary goal develop from career ambitions or does it derive your organization or society’s greater good? There should always be a plan b in place. If an individual can not meet their primary goal they should always have a secondary goal. The second component to the calculation process is determining your goals’ importance. This step is all about how important is it to achieve the goal set. To determine…

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