Courage And How It Plays A Massive Role Essay

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Courage, the topic of this essay is courage and how it plays a massive role in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The interest of this would be how courage relates to the topic in general and in hidden meanings. The order of the essay will be “How is courage defined in this novel”, “What character(s) best exemplify courage?”, and also “What point does Harper Lee want to make about courage through her use of these characters”. Each of them will go into a depths of some sort where each could and most likely be defined in different perspective. While reading “To Kill a Mocking Bird” it most of been noticed that as they got older and progressed their courage also became better. That provided the acknowledgement of this would indeed prove that courage can come from anyone and that with age comes the greatness of overcoming fears. Also if provided the results of being a lawyer itself is one of great courage for the job is almost prone to getting people that do not agree, so that they begin to hold grudges. Courage is sometimes hard to explain while other times it can be as simple as standing up for someone.
Defining courage is not that of an easy task but allows great perspective depending on the person that is explaining. The novel says within a hidden message that true courage is not of a man with a gun but something else. What is most likely hinted at this is that courage is to face your fears and overcome trials that occur in the pathway some call this courage, some are…

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