Counterterrorism Strategies And Tactics

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Terrorism have been playing an important role in our development and implementation of counterterrorism strategies and tactics. Terrorists has similarities and differences which make them dangerous because the governments will encounter so many obstacles to develop and apply counterterrorism strategies and tactics since each terrorist group have different background such as: religion, ideologies, mission, cultures, lifestyle, beliefs, etc…
To development and implement counterterrorism strategies we have to look the roots and the causes of the problem which have some variation depending of the group. We need to understand that most of the 80% of the terrorist attacks are made by Islam extremist. Each terrorist group has their own manifesto which
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All of this these groups the objective are to spray their religion as a law with no separation of power where the religion governs the country. These terrorist attacks are more to eliminate the other’s religion such as Christians, Catholics and other’s organizations, which are not aligned with they believe (Jesús, 2009).
The other 20% of the terrorist attacks is more about race, environment, prolife organization, and political, such as: FARC, Ku Klux Klan, etc… They have a large spectrum of crime such as: kidnapping, hijacking, bombing, murder, assassination, drugs and guns trade, extortion, etc.… all of these groups are so much similar in the way they operate and try to introduce fear using different methods to achieve their purpose. They instigate minorities and always have confrontation with political parties or the government when some laws will affect them as
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When the government is doing counterterrorism strategies and tactics they should not simplify terrorist as lunatics but see this problem as complex problem where they need to understand the factor that lead the individual motivation and the group motivation to act. Additionally they need to understand that each individual and groups have different ideologies where they are more capable to create more chaos than other’s groups. Hatred and revenges can be critical to comprehend and evaluate counterterrorism polices because one group can hate the occident government where they project a hostile environment to them but they target is the government, politician, and all the people who make propaganda on favor. On the other’s hand we have other group where they hate and want revenge. This group is against of everything that comes from westernizer countries and they want to implement their beliefs and religion to those countries. They use all kind of tactics or strategies to accomplish their goal such as suicide bombers, mass murder, and destabilize the social and economic status quo. Some of this individuals that joint to the group want revenge as well because a foreign country made an invasion in his country and or killed some family’s member and

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