Costly And Failing American Prison System Essay

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costly and failing American prison system to that from Norway. The point of the article was to show how different the prisons work in these two countries and show which the more effective system is. This article spoke to me because the authors searched for a solution to the problem instead of only stating what’s wrong with the American Prison System.
The article starts by stating that all prisons in the world have the same common goal: make the community safer. And even though all countries have the same common goal, The United States incarcerated the most citizens per capita in the world, and they also have the highest rate of recidivism. This means that the USA does not rehabilitate their prisoners successfully and when they get released from prison they will continue with their same violent lifestyle and are likely to end up in prison again. A study presented in the article shows that a big group of prisoners that get released will likely be rearrested again within 3 years (Ward, Longaker, Williams, Naylor, Rose, and Simpson). The authors think that there should be increased attention of preventing the cycle of ex-prisoners getting rearrested by educating and rehabilitating inmates. The authors also think that something negatively effecting the high recidivism rate is the fact that a lot of prisoners are drug abusers, and thus committers of non-violent crime. These people are being locked up with people that committed serious and violent crimes, and are likely to learn…

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