Costco Vs Sam 's Club Essay

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I. Attention-Getter: As early as the age of 5 I remember my parents taking me to my favorite place. As I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the smell of delicious food and the rows of free samples. I lugged my parents around with me and grabbed all the food I could- from chocolates to gummy snacks: I was in heaven. However, when I got older, my parents decided to try out a new but similar place. But the question remained: could it replace my favorite place?

II. Thesis Statement: Costco vs Sam’s Club. Show Preview of Main Points slide here (#2)

III. Preview of Main Points: Three key features that distinguish Costco and Sam’s Club.

A. The membership

B. The products

C. The employees

Transition: Let’s talk money as I take you to my first point, the membership.


Show First Main Point Slide here (#3)

I. First Main Point: The membership

A. Would you pay to shop at a store?

1. I know it seems ridiculous to pay money just to get into a store, but that’s just what Costco and Sam’s Club are banking on you doing.

2. Both Sam’s club and Costco make it their job to provide paying members with exclusive deals, lower than retail price, and a variety of items in bulk. Sobhi 2

B. Not a member. No problem. I personally do not have a membership to either store, but my parents do.

1. Both Costco and Sam’s have three types of memberships. Raechel…

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