Essay on Costco Is An International Lucrative Wholesale Corporation

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Costco is an international lucrative wholesale corporation, and is a membership only, warehouse club that sell everything. The warehouses are pioneered to help small to medium sized business, to buy reduced priced items and resale them for everyday businesses. Individual members can also buy selective items and even buy them in bulk to suit their personal needs. Costco 's business model is called a subscription that means customers who want to shop at the store need to subscribe as a member to proceed, Costco provide various types of membership programs that delegate different perks, a trade membership which is standard (£24 annually), they also sell products at low prices, they have a limited selection of quality products and a wide range of merchandise categories.

"A stakeholder is anyone who is interested in an organisation and who is affected by and can affect the organisation 's performance, all stakeholders have wants and needs from the business".
(Worthington & Britton, 2014, p.486)
• Employees - Costco have 189,000 employees worldwide full and part time, every employee high or low rank will be interested in the organisation 's life span and thrive to make it survive. The employees will be focusing on hitting the businesses daily goals and turnovers so that Costco 's vison stays alive. Costco employees are paid a lucrative wage of $20 an hour that is more than…

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