Costco Case Study Essay

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Case Study on Leadership Strategies

by Lee Del Valle

Post University

Leadership & Management II Professor Andrew E. Honeycutt
Unit 5 Writing Assignment 2
February 10, 2012


Flexible Leadership (FLT) is a theory that falls under the umbrella of strategic leadership, emphasizing the need for leaders to be flexible in their actions when influencing of the key determinants of financial performance. Flexible leaders are those who build on creating a cohesive environment through self-awareness by creating a set of guiding principles applied to their daily life as a leader (Kaiser 2008). Key themes in implementing FLT include the need to
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Such was the case at Costco where the idea to redesign the packaging of peanuts helped save cargo space in delivery trucks, which translated into cost savings. The viewing and treatment of employees as “talented” inadvertently facilitate sales growth by improving the quality of existing products (or services) and helping introduce new products (or services) to market.

CEO’s who wish to implement FLT effectively need to be cognizant of their actions, while expanding on their leadership and communication abilities (Nalevanko, 2011). CEO’s and organization leaders should apply diagnostic tools to situations. They should develop an understanding on the patterns of behavior they can use to influence desired outcomes in operations and human resource management. In doing so they can better affect the organization they govern (Kaiser, 2008).

I don’t believe that FLT will be used at Horizons, the organization that I work for. Horizons is very innovative in terms of leadership and empowering employees. The company emphasizes transformational leadership and horizontal management as a way to encourage employees in their career development. Their central focus, like Wal-mart, is on being a low cost provider of services for people with developmental disabilities. Evidence of being a low cost provider strategy is evident in the wages and benefits offered to employees. Hourly wage earner

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