Cosmology And The Theories Of Physics, Physics And Metaphysical Science

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CHAPTER #1: ANSWERS ON MARTINUS & HIS SPIRITUAL SCIENCE 1. What is Cosmology & What Is ‘MARTINUS COSMOLOGY’? Standard scientific vocabularies define COSMOLOGY as A Branch of Astrophysics or as Metaphysical Science which studies the origin, structure, dynamics, evolution, and eventually the destiny of The Universe. What is Astrophysics? It is the branch of astronomy that uses the principals of physics and chemistry in studying The Universe. What Is Metaphysical? ‘Metaphysical’ is Something Highly Abstract and/or Overly Theoretical, that is difficult or impossible to observe by the own physical senses. Therefore, Metaphysical Cosmology addresses the questions about The Universe, which are beyond the scope of man-made physical science. However, in Strict, The …show more content…
In fact, according to Martinus and his Cosmology, ‘The Eternal UNIVERSE’ is HIGHLY ORDERLY, BY COSMIC LOGIC ARRANGED ‘ORGANISM’, GOVERNED BY EQUALLY IMPECCABLE - THE HIGHEST or UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or THE ‘ULTIMATE’ INTELLECTUALITY & LOVE. Who was Martinus? What is Martinus Cosmology? Martinus was a Danish-born man living between 1890 -1981 who was sent out on a ‘special mission’ which would result in the ultimate benefit of the mankind. INTUITION BASED SCIENCE OF EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE – THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE & ITS HIGHEST LAWS – ‘Martinus Cosmology’ or ‘The Spiritual Science’ or ‘THE THIRD TESTAMENT’ was his the unique creation. Closely in connection with the disclosure of his real mission Martinus started using ‘The Third Testament’ as ‘common description’ of his entire work only in last years of his physical life and with reason. The TRUE SCIENCE of COSMOLOGY intends to be THE FINAL Spiritual, Scientific, Moral and Educational Platform for PERFECTING of Mankind in Totality, as last preparatory phase in the process of Complete Renewal of terrestrial men ‘Cosmic

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