Cosmetic Surgery : The Right Decision Essay

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Cosmetic surgery is a physically and supposedly emotionally changing decision that many people are beginning to make as a result of bullying and demoralizing personal opinions. Confirmed by surgeons and surveyors such as the ones in “Does Cosmetic Facial Surgery Lift Self-Esteem” by Karen Kaplan, patients are quick to believe that cosmetic surgery is the right decision because they feel that the mental health benefits outweigh any risks of the procedure. Katie Abbondanza, author of the article “Extreme Makeover” and the doctors involved in her research such as pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Holmgren reasonably believe that the mental health boost associated with cosmetic surgery will only provide short-satisfaction, while the actual physical change is permanent. In agreement, cosmetic surgery itself does not necessarily affect a person’s self esteem because the psychological results of the surgery depend on the patient’s psychological condition and self esteem before the surgery takes place due to emotional scars.
Surgery itself cannot improve any person’s self esteem- it is a temporary fix for a personal insecurity. In the article “Extreme Makeover” Abbondanza makes the insightful observation, “While plastic surgery can take care of physical flaws, deep emotional scars often remain. Because when girls start considering surgery, there are often issues below the surface- issues that new boobs or a slimmer nose won’t fix”. People, teenagers more specifically, emotionally turn to…

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