Plastic Surgery On Teenagers

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Wouldn’t you like to change something about yourself? Your nose? Your lips? Stomach? Everyone does, especially with how the media today is influencing society’s ideas of ‘beauty’. Teenagers are more susceptible to being influenced by the images they see online and on television, so much that some are turning to plastic surgery to fit in. With changes during puberty, cosmetic surgery is just not safe mentally, emotionally, and physically for teenagers. Teens under the age of eighteen should not get major cosmetic surgeries. Going through puberty can be a tough time. There are so many changes happening to a teenagers’ body, and their minds are much more easily affected by the things they see and hear. Teenagers are more likely to be insecure …show more content…
They cannot fully comprehend the mental and emotional ramifications of cosmetic surgery. Teens lacking in mental maturity make thoughtless decisions. These teens think that surgery will make their lives and futures better. In reality, one in five cosmetic procedures need to be corrected in the future. Mentally, teens may not learn to be comfortable with their appearance and accept who they are if they try to fix their perceived flaws by going under the knife. Teens seek plastic surgery because they feel something is “wrong” with them. Heidi Montag, a celebrity who had ten plastic surgery procedures done at once, said, "Surgery ruined my career and brought a lot of negativity into my world. It does not matter what you do on the outside if you are not happy and do not feel beautiful and secure and confident on the inside. Then no amount of surgery will change that or make you happier. …show more content…
Going under the knife can have extreme physical consequences, including botched procedures and problems affecting their growth. There are also mental and emotional ramifications, including higher dissatisfaction with their body, being addicted to surgery, and not learning to accept their body the way it is. Surgery can be a great tool to correct physical anomalies and to restore injured or defective body parts. Teens often misuse plastic surgery as a way to fit in. With these reasons, teens should not be able to get plastic surgery for reasons that aren’t medical. Works

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