Cosmetic Surgery Persuasive Essay

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Cosmetic surgery is enhancing a person’s natural beauty through surgical procedure such as facelifts, brow lift, breast augmentation or reduction, rhinoplasty(nose), and liposuction. More and more men and women choose to go under the knife when they’re unsatisfied with their appearance. Some people get cosmetic surgery to look younger, skinnier, or to simply feel better about themselves. Over the years people are slowly accepting cosmetic surgery, however there are still controversies about it. Some people believe that if a person wishes to alter their appearance, they have the right to do so. Others, on the other hand, firmly believe that although people have the right to make their own decisions, they shouldn’t change their appearance because …show more content…
Darshan Shah, a Mayo Clinic-trained board certified surgeon states, "Cosmetic surgery itself actually carries very minimal risk if you put yourself in the hands of a qualified, certified cosmetic surgery specialist—someone who has trained and devoted [his or her] career to the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.... The real risk lies not in the surgery itself, but in the misrepresentation and inexperience of certain surgeons(Cosmetic Surgery Is Safe)." California Health and Beauty says that many surgical procedure become dangerous because patients fail to do their own extensive research when looking for a qualified surgeon. California Health and Beauty says that people often trust the media. For example, Dr. Jan Adams was on Oprah Winfrey’s show on several occasion, but California Health and Beauty says this does not mean he is a qualified and certified surgeon. In fact, they say he has had several claims of malpractice, including Dr. Donda West 's. Her death has left the impression that cosmetic surgery is too dangerous. California Health and Beauty advises people to do their research, search for malpractice claims, meet the surgeon, get a medical exam, follow surgeon’s instructions, and be honest with the surgeon and

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