Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Restricted For Teens Essay

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Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Restricted For Teens A young and healthy teenager is sitting on a chair waiting for the anaesthetic to seep through her skin, as the surgeon slowly cuts open her nose. While she thinks about how perfect her nose will look, she has not realized the real risk of undergoing cosmetic surgery. From 1996 to 2011, two hundred and thirty thousand teens have undergone cosmetic surgery. Many teens do not understand the later effects that will impact their life forever. Although the number of teens having surgery has increased, about thirty-six percent are unaware of the implications after the procedure (Khalik). These implications can affect the development of growth and hormones (Khalik). With this being said, cosmetic surgery should be restricted for teens since the procedures have either gone wrong, killed the patient, or worsened the body part. A very important reason to restrict cosmetic surgery for teens is because it can lessen the death rates of teens who are undergoing the surgery based on low self-esteem. In fact, according to a survey that was conducted by The Child Welfare League Foundation (CWLF) in 2014, both genders were worried about their self-image, especially in school popularity. With this thought in mind, many innocent lives are easily pressured to decide to undergo plastic surgery without even thinking about their lives. Sadly, fifty percent of teenagers will take the risk to have plastic surgery. This method to improving one’s self…

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