Cosmetic Surgery For Teens Should Be Banned Essay

807 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
The “perfect” body is something most people want. Teens seem to be heavily influenced since social media is starting to take over their lives. An excessive amount of teens seems to be heading to the route of cosmetic surgery to make sure they have the perfect body to boost their self-confidence. However, that is only teaching the new generation to change who they are instead of embracing their individuality. Cosmetic surgery for teens should be banned.

Teenagers deal with the stress of growing up and finding out who they are and it is a lot to handle. Teens want to feel expected and just to feel happy when they are going through times like these, so, they end up wanted to physically look appeasing. They believe it will make them overall happier and help them deal with their everyday stress. However, this puts even more pressure on them. Throughout time, if something on their bodies do not make them happy, they will try to fix it with some kind of surgery. They will always be modifying with how they look in order to believe they have the perfect look, “According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 230,617 teen cosmetic procedures, ranging from Botox to breast implants, in 2011. Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) were the most popular surgery, with more than 33,000 procedures, followed by 14,371 breast reductions for males.” (Krishnan) The evidence shows that the teens where not pleased with how their body natural looks so in order to become the perfect vision of…

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