Cosmetic Surgery Disadvantages

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Cosmetic Surgery : Nicki Minaj has an amazing body. It 's not the one that God gave her.
Surgeons do 300 major surgeries per year operating two or three days a week(marx). Some people don 't think surgery is necessaries, others don 't think the same about that. Surgery is optional and risky. They can have some benefits from it, or end up being worse from where they started. For one to know more about cosmetic surgery one has to know what it is, why people do it, the types, and the risks to get a better understanding of it.
South Korea is known for having the most cosmetic surgery clinics in the world. There is about four to five hundred clinics and hospital within a square mile for cosmetic surgery(marx). Everyone there looks like a doll
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Cosmetic procedures change looks, but they can in a good or bad. Not everything is about looks,they always say it 's the personality that counts. Cosmetic surgery is a lot of pain. Cosmetic procedures can be hurtful or not at all.Pain is a sign a significant drawback to plastic surgery and recovery time can be as long six months in some cases(colia). Everybody 's body is different. All our bodies react different. Some bodies take what some surgeons put into your body. Cosmetic surgery can leave one in pain but can also develop health problems. Cosmetic surgery helps those with health problems but also can cause it.Some patient may be at risk for severe reactions to anesthesia or may develop health problems such as hemorrhaging as a result of their surgery(colia). Why do cosmetic surgery if it 's going to make matters worse. Cosmetic surgery is to change looks and body not to help out specifically. Cosmetic surgery is for those who are practically healthy. Need to be a non-smoker if considering cosmetic surgery(cosmetic). A smoker can not get cosmetic surgery, the toxic that a smoker has and the interaction with the cosmetic procedures don 't go well. If so the patient well develop a disease, Some surgeries do develop …show more content…
Perfect women with perfect bodies are supposed to represent an “ideal”. What the magazine publishers and advertising executives won’t tell the general public is that many of those models have been perfected by surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar industry that more and more people are accepting. From children to models, Americans are buying the body they want. Some cosmetic surgery is done after an accident, but too often, the surgery is in the name of looking more attractive or younger. Unfortunately, the message we are sending is that no one is perfect and everyone can use a little

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