Corruption Between Social Caste And Education Essay

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One must be willing to obscure their sight and turn away their ears in order to be oblivious of social caste. It’s remnants and details are so obvious, its communities so disparate, that the corruption between social caste and education can only be denied by those who choose to be ignorant. We as a society place standards and expectations to education that outcome in potential power, potential wealth, and intelligence. Value in education is directly related to the position of caste. Due to this relationship between social class and education, we have a society who runs on tainted mechanisms and values today. No longer are institutions preoccupied with education, but with success and wealth. Money is highly regarded, those of the lower class are rejected, and children are left to deal with their grievances alone.

The affluent become educated because it is expected of them in order to maintain their wealth and power. However, those of a “lower” background are uninspired by both their milieu and the normalities placed by the American government concerning education. “ We all know that a good education system saves lives, but the people of this country are still told that cutting the budget for public schools is necessary, that poor salaries for teachers are all we can manage and that art, music and all creative activities must be the first to go when times are lean” ( Barry 862 ). In the early stages of life, it is not possible to conduct one 's own environment.…

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