Backward Caste Essay

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It is evident from the above review that most of these studies are broadly focusing on the overall political process in the country rather than social mobilization of the backward castes.
OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The present study aims to analyze the Political Participation of Backward Castes in Andhra Pradesh with special Reference to Ananthapuramu district and accordingly the following are the objectives

1. To analyze the concept of Backward Caste, the approaches for understanding the political participation and the representation patterns.
2. To study the various provisions of the Constitution, as well as Andhra Pradesh Acts with regard to Backward castes Representation.
3. To analyse the representation and functioning of
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The reasons for the members of one or two dominant Castes acting as leaders at all levels, the failure and incapability of the other castes particularly the weaker sections castes in the politics of representation since the attainment of the independence and even though the seats are reserved for weaker sections and the reason why the candidates from backward castes are becoming just nodding heads in the policy making process and how the entire process is commanded by the dominant castes behind curtain, the influence over the elections and political activities, and the reasons for all the drawbacks are studied by giving suitable …show more content…
The study is confined to Ananthapuramu District only. It is also limited to the extent that it records and analyses the opinions of Backward Caste Representatives (MPs MLAs MLCs) elected in 2009 and 2014 and also elected Local bodies representatives of 2006 and 2014 Panchayat Raj elections in Ananthapuramu District along with the backward classes participants in the local body elections. The reason for selecting these two elections for the study is that these are the latest elections that were conducted to the general election and local bodies in the study area. Besides, the primary data collected from the sample Backward Caste Representatives with the help of a Interview Schedule through Survey Method may not be accurate as none of the respondents are in the habit of maintaining proper accounts/records with regard to income and the extent of political participation etc. Some of the respondents were hesitant in furnishing the required data and information when it relates to their income and assets. In many cases, the respondents could not remember their past operations and even if they do so, they were unable to give correct figures of income. So the data cannot be immune to built-in biases in the responses obtained from the beneficiaries. Though much care is taken in obtaining correct information, there could be some degree of error in the data furnished. Hence in its analysis, the conclusions drawn are restricted to the

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