Correct Placement Of Catheter Torch

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The insertion site of the needle is 1 cm inferior and 1 cm lateral to the junction of the middle and medial thirds of the clavicle. The needle is advanced toward the tip of the contralateral index finger, which is placed in the suprasternal notch. The direction of the needle is now aligned with the central axis of the SCV, minimizing the risk of puncturing the subclavian artery, pleura, or apex of the lung [46]. By keeping the needle in a horizontal plane, the risk of arterial or pleural injury is minimized [47]. On its course the needle goes through skin, superficial fascia, subclavius, clavipectoral fascia, and SCV. Correct Placement of Catheter Tip The catheter tip should be placed 3–4 cm above the junction of the superior vena cava and the right atrium [48]. Equipment Selection and
Ultrasound guidance
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It should be noted that in a study conducted by Onders et al [49] they found that more difficulty was associated with the insertion of a larger triple-lumen catheter when compared with the smaller single lumen catheter (31% vs. 11% respectively; P < 0.009). Although Lakhal et al [50] concluded that central venous pressure (CVP) measurement made at the distal ports of a multilumen catheter are not influenced by high flows through the proximal ports. The advantage of inserting a multilumen catheter is that it is therefore not necessary to discontinue the fluid infusion during a CVP measurement. Ultrasound guidance is useful in helping to locate the SCV for CVC and it decreases the complications that may occur

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