Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Introduction The paper describes about CSR (corporate social responsibility) program and HRM’s role in the program. It also talks about audits used for tracking social responsibility, strategies used to develop and implement CSR program.
There is no clear definition of CSR, but according to European commission, “It is a process to embrace responsibilities for company actions and encourage them to follow in positive way through activities like environment, consumer, employees and communities. In CSR, Human resources management plays a unique role.
To raise the performance of the company, CSR must be followed effectively. Human resource management plays unique role in CSR, as they are responsible for recruiting staff,
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At the same time they are selling sugary soda, which struck obesity on millions of people around the world (UPS Logistics, 2012). Although, companies like Coco-Cola follow corporate social responsibility program consistently, they also need to track their activities. In some situations negative publicity may deceive the reputation of the company. In these defying situations, the companies are in need to conduct social audit. Social Audit is a “systematic assessment of a company’s activities in terms of its social impact”. This social audit focus on core values as social responsibility, open statement, treating employees, confidentiality, leadership and also gauges their contribution to society and society as a whole, the companies need to assess their social responsibility performance systematically by these three possible audits (R.Wayne Mondy & SPHR, 2008):
 Simple inventory of activities.
 Complication of social relevant expenditure.
 Determination of social impact. After the audit the key thing is to establish and implement the CSR program. First, the program should be allocated to an individual and progress it. Second, Evaluate companies corporate social responsibility program. Third, Shareholder’s expectation and perception are determined. Fourth, Policy statement should be written to cover the environmental, social, and community issues. Fifth, after that policies are set up, objectives and action plan

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