Corporate Social Responsibilities of Reebok Essay

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Challenges to Corporate Social Responsibilities
Company: Reebok International Ltd.

Student Name: Jedy Wang
Student #: 250476511
Teacher Assistant: Mike Dove Due Date: 11/14/2008 Executive Summary
The 20th century illustrated a dispersing trend of capitalism as the end of the Cold War illustrated evident economic prosperity in Western countries. Consequently, many former Communist countries implemented economic reforms due to the perception that capitalism was the economic ideology to break away from poverty and low standard of living. The emergence of these newly industrialized countries engender fierce competition to labour-intensive corporations in high wage economies, which share emphasis in cost competitive strategies
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Restating Issue
As the apparel industry engages in the globalization of production, many firms’ violation of labour standards and human rights give rise to the increasing public appeal for corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, conflict of interests with the nature of corporation structure, profession of businesses and the lack of powerful international organizations and universally accepted moral principles impede the application of theoretical CSR advocacy to the daily procedural operations of multinational enterprises.
Limitations to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility
The concept of corporate social responsibility developed from public objection towards the erroneous business behaviours practiced by many MNEs to undercut production cost in order to gain competitive advantage. Consequently, CSR is already in conflict with the fundamental objective of a private enterprise, profit maximization. For adherents to the Friedman Doctrine, business ethics is an oxymoron as corporate ethical behaviours are costly and unnecessary; therefore, aggravating

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