Essay about Corporate Responsibility

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Starbucks and Corporate Social Responsibility

There is no doubt what a corporate giant that Starbucks has become, but at what costs? Due to the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility in the media, Starbucks has been a company under much media scrutiny within the last couple of years, as have many other corporate bigwigs such as Hershey’s, Nike, and Ben & Jerry’s. There as been an uprising of ethical conflict facing the Starbucks in Chile that not only has impacted their economy, but their employee morale. It has had an adverse affect on the company and consumers both here in the Unites States and abroad. The ethical conflict facing Starbucks in Chile is that is the fact that their workers, whose wages start at a mere $2.50
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If this was the case that would leave a lot of workers with little to no income. No job and no income means no economy. All of these ethical battles in the media have lead to adverse publicity for Starbucks both here in the United States as well as abroad. I tend to think more corporate wise and by the motto, any publicity is good publicity. I no doubt think that Starbucks also can attest to this motto. While the Chilean strike was big in Chile, I don’t think it was taken quite as seriously as it could have been here in the United States, with the exception of New York and San Francisco. Typically when we think of Starbucks we think of good pay and benefits and happy employees, which is why I don’t think it affected the sales and business of Starbucks here in the United States as much as it could have. The biggest customer reaction would have been on the east and the west coasts where the IWW (industrial workers of the world) spoke to more than 50 downtown Starbucks workers and over 500 hundred customers. After becoming aware of these issues surrounding the working conditions and the unfair firing of many baristas, many customers were outraged and made it evident that they would no longer support Starbucks by buying their products. Several customers were also overheard stating that they planned on calling Starbucks to tell them that they support the Starbucks workers on

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